Breast surgeries

Breast enlargement

One of the most common interventions in plastic surgery is breast enlargement.
During surgery, the most reliable Polytec implants are used. The material is silicon and the shape of the implant should fit the patient's needs.

You can have breast lift surgery and nipple surgery as well.
During free consultation all details can be discussed, even more: with the help of the CRISALIX 3D simulator you can see how you would look with your implant.

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Eyelid surgery

The second most common intervention in plastic surgery is eyelid surgery. Our eyes determine our face. We all would like to look young, happy, fresh but unfortunately aging makes the look constantly tired, unhealthy or sad.

Anti wrinkle creams do not solve the problem, neither massages or cosmetic treatments.
Happy news is that with the surgery of eyelids these problems can be minimized and the look will be more fresh and young.


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The benefits of the intervention:

  • The wrinkles around the eyelids disappear
  • Easier make-up
  • Your look is fresh, vivid again

Before – after images:

Lip surgery

Lip augmentation with PERMALIP

Is there a reversible but at the same time durable technique for lip augmentation? Yes, it is PermaLip! PermaLip is a silicon implant which is placed in the lips using local anaesthesia during a short ambulatory surgery.
The procedure is painless and the final result is visible within a few days and it is also durable!

Why to choose PermaLip?

  • The process is more expensive than traditional procedures but the difference is visible. Previous procedures did not provide a satisfactory result for either patients or doctors.
  • PermaLip is a safe and durable solution! the implant will never absorb, can be removed any time.
  • The revolutionary new PermaLip implant is a safe solution for long lasting lips. The device has a patented CE certification that has been clinically tested to prove its efficacy.
  • The PermaLip implant is available in different sizes, from which the best choice can be selected during free consultation.

The procedure is performed by local anaesthesia and takes less than 30 minutes. After intervention minor pain may occur for up to 24 hours which can be cured by medication. The final result can be seen from day 4.


Other surgeries

Besides, other plastic surgeries are available with us such us ear surgery, face rejuvenation. different face skin rejuvenating treatments, tummy tuck surgery, vaginal rejuvenation. For details please visit our gallery and contact us.

Crisalix 3D simulation program

Before making decision about any kind of surgery it is important to know what result we expect from the surgery. But is is not easy to imagine how we would look like after the surgery.

With the Crisalix 3D surgical simulation program this can be done quickly and easily.

You can ask for a consulation and try Crisalix 3D surgical simulation program.

What is Crisalix 3D simulation program and how does it work?

With Crisalix 3D program the possible result of the planned surgery can bee seen in few seconds. During consultation three photos are taken from three angles and Crisalix based on these images creates the 3 dimensional model of the upper body. During consultation you can follow through this model what results you can expect by using the different implants (size and shape). With the glasses you can see the result not only on a picture but on your own body.

Why is it worth trying Crisalix 3D simulation program?

  • With the Crisalix 3 D simulation program you can get a personalized result
  • You can see many options you can choose from
  • You can see the image from many angles
  • It helps to make decision before the surgery about the size and shape of the implant.